What Makes us Different

It’s our goal to create lasting furniture that you’ll want to keep forever. From concept to completion, our process proves just how one-of-a-kind each custom piece is. See for yourself how we turn local, reclaimed materials into something special for your home.

Let's begin.

It all starts with the initial hello. Reach out to us through our website if you like what you see. We’ll then contact you to figure out a few more details for your custom piece to kick off the process. We want to get to know your home and the space where your Bench Dog piece will live to truly make it yours.

Sketch it out.

Once we feel we have the best understanding of your vision, we begin the design phase. We create a rough sketch with measurements to give you a visual of what your piece will look like and how it will fit in your home. In this phase, we also figure out a potential timeline for the project and an estimate of the overall cost.

Show it off.

The next step is to present our design to you. We'll get together to go over your piece in more detail with samples of materials, colors and finishes. We want to make sure that our one-of-a-kind design matches what you had in mind. Once you give us the thumbs up and a small deposit, we start crafting.

Finish it up.

This step brings your idea to life. We build your custom piece right in our workshop with our humble tools and bare hands. After the last coat of finish and the final touches are made, we bring it to you and install it into its designated space. We're so happy to be a small part of making your house a home with our custom furniture.

Come to the Table

There’s something about starting a project with just a pile of wood and turning it into something special. Whether it’s a commissioned piece or a direct sale, we want to build furniture that people will want to keep forever. That’s our ultimate goal.


One of our favorite things to do as a couple is start and finish the day at our table. It’s a place where people eat together, celebrate holidays, and just enjoy one another’s company. Knowing that we can make something that brings people together and creates that sense of community is so rewarding for us.


The best way to get started on a custom piece is to give us a call. We love discussing project ideas, and it gives us a better sense of what you're looking for.


Don't have time to chat right now? No problem! Fill out the form below with your information and a good time for us to give you a call. We can't wait to hear about your project.


Head on over to our gallery to look through pictures of some of our previous work. Hopefully it'll spark some inspiration for a custom piece of your own.

Let’s build something great.

Contact us so we can create something special for your home.


Let us know what the vision is for your one-of-a-kind, rustic piece of furniture. We want to help bring that vision to life and make your house feel more like a home.

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