Hand Made Tables

While all of our furniture projects are designed and built in close collaboration with our clients – the following is a general process we follow for the construction of a table after the design is settled.

Our barnwood tables start with lumber selection and milling. This lumber was recovered from and old sorting shed near Danville Virginia.

Looks Ok to the shop Meownager, Neenee – we can proceed …..

Lumber is milled clean on one face and both edges to ensure clean square joints. Here we’re checking the layout of the breadboard ends on the underside to make sure there are no knots or defects in the way.

Checking top side to make sure breadboard ends will line up on solid lumber.

Cut to length and ready. Not shown is Tina’s final approval of lumber selection and orientation.

Glued and clamped overnight. We use Festool Domino loose tenons on our edge joints for alignment and durability.

Breadboard Domino layout and dry fit.

Layout and placement of breadboard pegs.

Breadboard done!

Breadboard pegs stained black for contrast.

Iron pipe legs on steel casters – set and ready for a meal!

Let’s build something great.

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