The Bench Dog Story

What makes us special.

Bench Dog has always been a dream of ours. When the opportunity presented itself to start our own business, we knew we had to go for it. Bench Dog was born out of our love for family, our passion for creating and our desire to make an impact.


Without quality, what we do would not be worth it to us. All of our furniture is handmade in our shop in Pittsboro, North Carolina, with the same attention to detail given to our own home.


Tough, long-lasting and made just for you. That’s the Bench Dog promise.

What Makes us Different

As a husband and wife team, we know what it takes to turn a house into a home. That’s why we promise to deliver a product that both captures your vision and fits perfectly with your lifestyle. We hope that our furniture becomes the centerpiece for making memories, passed down from generation to generation. With each project, we give no less than our best to make sure you receive a quality piece of furniture.



Chief Sawdust Officer

I’m originally from Northern Virginia just outside DC. I’ve had a few jobs since my tour in the Marine Corps, most recently I spent nearly 20 years in telecom wireline construction. No matter what’s going on in life I’m always drawn to the shop, creating something, routine maintenance on the equipment, whatever it is it’s where I belong. If I’m not in the shop or with my beautiful wife Tina Louise I love to spend time with my sons in Boulder – never a dull moment with them…



CFO and Driving Force

I’m originally from Washington State — the great Pacific Northwest. I’ve travelled all over the States during my career and have finally settled with my Hubby in Pittsboro North Carolina. We live in a beautiful rural setting that has a definite influence on our creative process. We have 7 children and 6 grand kids between us. I love, love, love to be with family.


Shop Meownager

Chief cat, in charge of rodent control and making sure freshly finished surfaces have cat paw prints.

Let’s build something great.

Contact us so we can create something special for your home.

The Best Product on the Market

We hand-craft each piece with local, reclaimed materials to create furniture that is unmatched. We devote our time and attention to making our craft the best it can be. Because we combine skill with care, our customers know they are getting the best product on the market.